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Fourth Trimester and Breast-feeding support.

Rebecca Melville

How I can help

My many years as a highly qualified holistic practitioner, midwife and infant feeding specialist (Lactation Consultant qualification expected September 2020) means that there aren’t many issues to do with pregnancy, birth and the first year that I haven’t already seen!

Preparation for the Fourth Trimester: anticipating realistically about your new baby’s needs and how to cope with the changes (the positives as well as the challenges) that will affect your lives. I can offer an individualised, tailor made session for you and your partner, as well as group workshops.
I’m proud to be affiliated and partnered with Brighton and Hove Hypnobirthing and we can also offer a joint programme of classes.
Breastfeeding: antenatal preparation for breastfeeding, so you know what to expect….
Breastfeeding support can be offered in the privacy of your own home for common issues such as positioning and latch difficulties, as well as more complex situations and problems such as tongue tie, milk supply issues and feeding twins/triplets . We can also find the best feeding solution for you and your baby: breast, formula and mixed, with a ‘no judgement’ approach.
Postnatal and fourth trimester support: helping you to navigate those overwhelming first few weeks, understanding what your baby really needs and finding ways to retain a sense of your’self’. I’ll be there for you in whatever way you need me – practical help and advice, breastfeeding support, emotional support and listening to your story – whatever you need, I’ll be there!

Birth and Postnatal Doula services are also available – please get in touch to let me know what you need

Birth trauma recovery: Using a deep relaxation technique to relieve symptoms that a traumatic birth can induce. The 3 step rewind method is calm, gentle and effective and usually achieves good results in 2-3 sessions.
Support and advice about weaning your baby:All you need to know about baby led weaning and more complex issues, such as sensitive gag reflex, allergies and baby’s nutritional needs

Tailor-made support for you in the early days and weeks

Many new Mums and Dads find the first few weeks and months exhausting, overwhelming, confusing and frustrating. It’s a tough season to navigate and it often looks different to how we expected it to which can lead to feelings of failure, embarrassment and shame. 
No two experiences are the same, every parent is different, every baby is different and every parenting journey is unique and individual. Most families encounter struggles at some point along the way, and most struggles can be overcome with the right support. However, all too often the NHS support on offer is woefully inadequate. Conflicting advice from lots of different sources (grandparents, books, forums) can sometimes make things seem worse.

My supportive practice is grounded in compassion, nurture and responsiveness as I believe this is what we all need at times of struggle… and I believe that if you also nurture your baby responsively, your baby will grow and flourish, both physically and emotionally.

The support and advice that I can offer to you during your parenting journey will be unique, individual and tailor made to meet your family’s needs. Working together to determine what your needs and goals are, whilst always holding the baby’s perspective in mind, we will be able to find solutions together.


For all those niggles and worries that just aren’t worth stewing over…

£15 for a 20 minute individual appointment via Zoom

Happy Clients

"We attended a weaning workshop run by Rebecca with our 4 month old baby. It was an extremely useful, well prepared & well presented session. <
I wish I heard about fourth trimester support prior to having our baby as I know I would benefit from Rebecca's support greatly."


"Finding Rebecca before I gave birth was one of the best things I did - her advice and support prior and post-partum have been invaluable; I don't think I could have coped without her! "


"Excellent, I felt more confident to try and breast feed my twins with Rebecca's help."


Let's Get your baby off to a great start!

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