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The Fourth Trimester….

It’s a notional term referring to the first 3 or more months of human life. It’s what makes humans different to other mammals: we give birth while our babies are still very dependent and vulnerable. In many ways we’re more like kangaroos and our babies would be happier in a pouch!

The way that we view those first few postnatal months can make all the difference to our babies’ experience as well as our own as new parents. In terms of infant biology, hormones, brain development and evolution, we need to see it as an extension of life in the womb.

But in terms of our own expectations, the intensity of this postnatal period and the frequency of breastfeeding can make it feel overwhelming, even traumatic at times, as we can lose all sense of who we were before we became parents.

Preparing for this by understanding the biology, hormones, evolutionary needs and therefore developing ‘normal’ expectations can help immensely. Unfortunately it’s an area that most antenatal classes don’t cover in depth, leaving many parents feeling unsupported, anxious and overwhelmed in the early weeks.

Support during this time is essential, whether it’s from close family and friends or from a known and trusted professional.

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