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Hi, I’m Rebecca 


My passion is mothering: being the best Mum I can be to my own children, supporting women to become Mums and supporting Mums to continue to grow, learn and be the best they can be, for their children… but also for themselves as fulfilled, empowered and self-realised women.
That’s why I’ve spent most of my life working with women in all settings of life. As a qualified midwife, nurse, health visitor, breastfeeding specialist (lactation consultant exam pending because of covid-19), trauma recovery practitioner and more than my fair share of life experience, women and children have been my career and my life. But I’m also on my own journey to find out what being a woman and a mother really means in all its richness – the joy, the frustration, the challenges, the wonders, the traumas and the celebrations…. there is learning to be taken every step of the way.

I’m Rebecca Melville at Shore Beginnings and with my help and support you won’t be walking your journey alone.

My Professional Qualifications:

Professionally registered (Nursing and Midwifery Council UK):

  • Registered General Nurse
  • Registered Midwife
  • Registered Health Visitor
Other qualifications:
  • BSc in Specialist Community Public Health Nursing, 1st Class with honours
  • Diploma in Professional Practice
  • Infant Feeding Specialist, Lactation consultant (IBLC) qualification anticipated September 2020
  • Birth Trauma Recovery Practitioner (3 Step Rewind – birth and other trauma)
  • GroBrain trained (helping parents raise emotionally healthy infants)
  • Infant Massage trained
  • I am a member of associated professional bodies, am DBS checked and am fully insured.
  • I’m an affiliate and partner of Brighton and Hove Hypnobirthing


The positions I have held within the NHS mean that I have a wealth of experience and expertise, all supported by current scientific evidence, research and the most up-to-date thinking within the fields of healthcare, medicine, neuroscience, psychology and wellbeing. There aren’t many issues to do with pregnancy, birth, child health and early parenting that I haven’t already come across and supported families through.

My time spent as a midwife means that I can work with you to prepare for your baby’s arrival, helping you to explore your options for birthing and to form your own positive expectations for the early days and weeks. I am also trained as a Birth Trauma Recovery Practitioner so can help if you’ve experienced a difficult, traumatic or complex birth (or associated traumatic experiences) which you feel is holding you back from being able to enjoy your new baby and your new role as a mother or father.

Working regularly as an infant feeding specialist (full IBLC Lactation Consultant qualification anticipated September 2020) means that I’m skilled and confident to support you with breastfeeding (in fact all types of feeding) and introducing solids. I’ve supported many, many new Mums and Dads with all sorts of issues – expressing, “insufficient” milk production, introducing bottles, night feeds, more complex areas such a tongue tie, difficult feeders, sensitive weaners, fussy eaters…… you name it, I’ve probably seen it!

I’ve worked in all sorts of other areas including supporting families with mental health issues, disabilities and illnesses.

One of my great passions is that of infant brain development and neuroscience, enabling parents to optimise the way that their baby’s brain develops in terms of emotional and cognitive health, promoting early attachment and resilience and reducing the risk of developing mental health problems later on in childhood, adolescence and adulthood.


For all those niggles and worries that just aren’t worth stewing over…

£15 for a 20 minute individual appointment via Zoom

Happy Clients

"We attended a weaning workshop run by Rebecca with our 4 month old baby. It was an extremely useful, well prepared & well presented session. <
I wish I heard about fourth trimester support prior to having our baby as I know I would benefit from Rebecca's support greatly."


"Finding Rebecca before I gave birth was one of the best things I did - her advice and support prior and post-partum have been invaluable; I don't think I could have coped without her! "


"Excellent, I felt more confident to try and breast feed my twins with Rebecca's help."


Let's Get your baby off to a great start!

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