Shore Beginnings

Fourth Trimester and Breast-feeding support

for an empowered and calm beginning to your journey as parents

Sometimes the most important beginning can feel like the hardest one.

Becoming a parent is a monumental transition of body, mind and soul, the most transformative of experiences. Even so, many new parents find the first few weeks and months overwhelming, confusing and frustrating.
Yet the scientific evidence is overwhelming – from conception up until two years of age is what will shape a baby’s brain, build resilience and create an ability to form healthy relationships throughout their adult life.

Love really does matter

Hi, I’m Rebecca

Having worked for over 30 years in the NHS as a midwife, health visitor and infant feeding specialist, as well as raising my own two children, I decided it was time for a change and have established Shore Beginnings to offer my expertise and support to babies and their families along the South Coast.

A sure and confident beginning to your life with your new baby

My supportive, evidence-based practice is grounded in compassion, nurture and responsiveness as I believe this is what we all need in challenging times.

I can help you and your new family’s health and well-being to flourish through the early days, weeks and years of your baby’s life by

  • Preparing for your baby’s arrival
  • Understanding your baby’s needs
  • Recovering from a traumatic birth and moving on
  • Feeding your baby: breast, bottle and solids
  • Building a relationship with your baby
  • Coping in the early days, weeks and months
  • Building your baby’s brain to be emotionally resilient
  • Managing your own mood and mental wellbeing

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Happy Clients

"Rebecca’s help has made all the difference to Freya’s first few weeks. Her support with breastfeeding has meant that I’ve persevered with it and am now exclusively breastfeeding. In the first few days I never imagined this would be possible" Anna

"My wife’s birthing experience was extremely difficult and we both found it incredibly traumatic. It started to affect our relationship with each other and we were worried it was stopping us bonding with our daughter. Rebecca’s support has helped us to be able to put it behind us and move on. We’re both really enjoying life again in our new family unit" Patrick and Simone

"We both found your fourth trimester session incredibly useful and valuable to us, it was so much better and personal than anything else we’ve received and gave us more information - definitely glad that we have found you"
Jenna and Ben

Let's Get your baby off to a great start!

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Based in Brighton, covering London and coastal Kent and Sussex.

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